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A Free Online Summit Event, February 8-23, 2016
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The toddler and preschool years can be really challenging to navigate.

little boy crying hysterically

Congrats - you’re a new parent! Welcome to the most difficult job you will ever have - parenthood.  You begin your parenting journey and you diligently do your job tending to your baby: making sure they eat, sleep, poop, repeat. (and not necessarily in that order!) Babies’ needs are pretty straightforward.

There’s definitely an adjustment, but after a few months you think:

 “Hey - I got this parenting thing down!”

 Then toddlerhood hits and the game totally changes.  Now your child is mobile, has an opinion, and leaves a mess of stuff behind him like a tornado…

You often wonder and worry:

  • Is it normal for him to be such a picky eater? How do I get him to eat a healthy meal that isn’t nugget shaped?
  • How do I instill self esteem from a young age?
  • I'm running out of ideas for what I can do with her... what can we do besides the park or library?
  • Is he developing on schedule?
  • How do I make sure I hire great childcare?
  • When do I transition to a toddler bed?
  • How in the world am I going to potty train this kid?
  • Is this fever serious? Should I take her to the doctor?
  • Is my home safe for my toddler-tornado?
  • How do I effectively discipline without yelling?
  • These time outs don't seem to be working... how else can I get him to listen without having to yell?
  • Why does my home look like a bomb hit a majority of the do I stay organized amidst all of this chaos?
  • What about me? How do I effectively take care of myself and my family at the same time?
  • I feel so disconnected from my spouse... now what?
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc (if your brain is anything like mine this list could go on for pages and pages and pages….)
Toddlers and preschoolers are growing, developing, and changing constantly and they’re also still very dependent on their parents for most of their needs.  That’s a lot of hard work as a parent!  
And somehow we feel like we’re supposed to have all of the answers and keep it all together while making sure our homes look immaculate and hosting Pinterest-perfect themed birthday parties.  All on our own.

Well, I'm here to throw you a lifeline.

In the Surviving Early Childhood Summit you will learn:
  • 15 strategies you can use to combat picky eating - choose one to use today!
  • The Top 5 home remedies you should have on hand should your little one get sick (and when to call in professional help)
  • 4 building blocks for fostering self esteem in your child from a young age and what your child can do if they are being bullied
  • The biggest mistakes parents make relative to the safety of their toddlers and preschoolers and how to safeguard them inside and outside the home
  • How to be a conscious parent and teach your tots to be with fear, anger, joy, and even sadness
  • What potty training "readiness" really looks like, the biggest potty training myths, and how to get the process started
  • Creative and fun ways to entertain and educate your child at home and outdoors
Fun piggyback ride
  • How to get a handle on the toy madness and if you should involve your child in the organizing process
  • Mistakes that parents often make when hiring babysitters or nannies, how to find your ideal sitter and best practices in working with her
  • What developmental milestones your toddlers and preschoolers should be meeting and how to assess if they’re delayed
  • How to take care of YOU when you can barely find 5 minutes alone
  • What your child is trying to achieve by misbehaving, and how to help them get what they're looking for in a more positive manner
  • How to successfully travel with your child and maintain your sanity
  • When and how to transition to a toddler bed, how to make sure your child is getting enough sleep and tips and tricks to stop the dragged out bedtime routine
  • How to stay sexually connected with your spouse when you're tired and feeling less than sexy
  • And much, much more!

Ready to join me?


The Surviving Early Childhood Featured Speakers

Carrie Rubin

Summit Host & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

15 Strategies for Conquering Picky Eating

Jill Hope

Family Coach & Motivational Speaker: iShine Kids

How to Raise a Confident, Empowered, Bully-Proof Kid

Wendi Combes, Jubilee Health

Nurse, Holistic Health Educator: Jubilee Health

Taking Care of Sick Kids: Filling Your Home Healthcare Toolkit

Jamie Glowacki, Oh Crap Potty Training

Potty Trainer: Oh Crap Potty Training

Ditch the Diapers: All About Potty Training

Lynn Perkins, CEO Urbansitter

CEO: Urbansitter

Hiring the Best Babysitters & Nannies for Your Family

Alison Jacobson

The Safety Mom

Safety Concerns with Toddlers & Preschoolers

Susie Parker

Certified Sleep Consultant, Sleep Baby Love

Overcoming Sleep Challenges in Toddlers & Preschoolers

Jill Riley

A Mom With a Lesson Plan

Fun & Educational Activities for Young Children You Can Do at Home

Dr. Laura Hanson

Certified Chiropractic Pediatric Diplomat & Neuro-Developmental Therapist: Connect My Brain

Identifying and Overcoming Developmental Delay in Toddlers & Preschoolers

Annmarie Chereso, Bring It! Home

Conscious Parenting Coach and Founder: BringIt! Home

Conscious Parenting and How to Be Fully Present to Your Child In Any Given Moment

Sarah Giller Nelson

Professional Organizer & Founder: Less Is More Organizers

Staying Organized and Conquering the Clutter and Chaos With Young Ones

Nina Manolson crop

Psychology of Eating Teacher and Holistic Health Coach

Self Care and How to Find Deep Nourishment as a Busy Mom

Dina Emser

Positive Discipline Coach

How To Get Your Toddlers and Preschoolers to Listen and Cooperate Without Yelling or Nagging

Rachel Fiske

Yoga Instructor and Conscious Sexuality Coach

Staying Sexually Connected to Your Spouse When You Are Tired and Feeling Less Than Sexy

Keryn Means - Walking On Travels

Travel Blogger: Walking on Travels

How to Keep Your Sanity While Traveling With Your Kids

Family drawing and reading